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Aidan Fogarty

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So, who am I? My name is Aidan Fogarty and I am a 18 year old student. I am currently in my first year studying Computer Applications at Dublin City University. I offer custom web design and development so if you wish to see more of my work or want to talk more, feel free to contact me!

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Skills & Services

Responsive Web Design & Development

As more and more people are using the web on different devices, it is important to make sure your website looks good on all of them. All of my websites are built to look on all devices. I acheive this by utilizing the bootstrap framework.

What I can do


HTML is the main language of the web and I utilize this on all sites.


I use the CSS3 to apply styles to my site, along with using FontAwesome vector images


Everyone likes something to interact with on their website. Thats why I use javascript to emerse the user in the website.


Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. I use this, so to speed up my workflow and design your website faster.


My main programming language is Python. I am currently studying this langauge in depth in my course. I also have a usable knowledge of PHP.


I offer custom web design and no website is the same. I will always make sure your website catches your customer's eye.



A modern, clean design for marketing a smartphone application. It features a slider container within a phone screen vector image.


A online art portfolio which displays all of artists imagery on one page.


A sample blog site. Displays the blogs, dates and author on the blog post.


A sample online CV. Uses bootstrap progress bars to display skills, as well as many bootstrap and font-awesome icons


"Simple, fast, and effective! I couldn't of asked for a better blog site."

"For someone so young, I wasn't expecting the professionalism and quality on my site. If I ever need another website, I know who to go to!"

"It looks so cool! Wish I could make a website like that!"

Contact Me

Want to contact me? Feel free to contact with the information below or to contact on my social media which is listed below!

Address: Moneyquid Killeigh, Co. Offaly
Phone: 087 660 0694